The Donation team collects and stores these furniture, appliance and household items. With the exception of winter coats, hats, and mittens, we accept no clothing.  To arrange pickup of your new or gently used furniture, or locate your nearest drop center for appliances and household items, email, and please attach a picture if you possible.

Greatest Need

Furniture for newcomers: dressers, floor & table lamps, cookware sets, mixing bowls, single & double mattress covers.  Email:


We accept bed frames and rails (no mattresses or box springs, please), dressers, dining tables and chairs, couches and arm chairs, coffee tables, end tables and nightstands, and floor and table lamps.  We also take cribs and baby car seats that haven’t expired.


We happily take microwaves, digital TVs and vacuum cleaners.

Household Items

We take a large variety of household items and organize them into sets or boxes. While we accept all of these household items individually, many people and groups of people collect and assemble one or more full and entire boxes themselves, which we really appreciate. 

Like furniture, we ask that these items be either new (pillows must be) or gently used, and that dishes and glassware consist of relatively complete, unchipped sets.  Where possible, please drop off household items at one of several drop off sites in Madison.  To find your nearest drop off site, please email

To view the entire list of items that are provided for refugee families, please click here.